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What Is DAO Botox? Learn About the Hot New Aesthetic Trend!

Has anyone ever asked you what was wrong when you felt perfectly fine? Or maybe someone has accused you of being angry when you weren’t. Chances are, no one’s trying to be rude or insensitive. But it’s possible that you’re experiencing age-related facial changes that make you look like you’re frowning even when you don’t mean to. Weak depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscles can make you look depressed or angry when your face is at rest.

The good news is that you can regain the appearance of a normal resting mouth with DAO Botox injections. This hot new Botox trend can gently lift the corners of your mouth and give you a more pleasant appearance without surgical intervention. Here’s what to know about DAO muscle Botox and how it can gently lift away your perma-frown.

What Is the DAO Muscle?

The (DAO) muscle is located on either side of the lower mouth. It connects to the chin and pulls the corners of the mouth downward when frowning. It’s an important muscle for communicating and expressing emotions.

Unfortunately, the DAO muscle tends to become weak and slack with age. As it declines and gets pulled downward by gravity, it can twist the corners of the mouth into a chronic frown. It can also cause the chin to look wrinkled, dimpled, and saggy. Overuse of the DAO muscle can also eventually lead to noticeable marionette lines. Those are the lines that extend from the lower mouth to the chin and give a puppet-like appearance. Many people turn to DAO Botox injections to avoid looking like a sullen puppet as they grow older.

What Is DAO Botox?


Botox is a neurotoxin derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It temporarily paralyzes specific facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Most wrinkles develop due to the scrunching motion of certain muscles while making facial expressions. However, wrinkles and sagginess around the mouth are also caused by the pull of gravity on the DAO muscle and surrounding skin. The older you get, the less collagen your body produces and the more lax the skin becomes.

As the name suggests, DAO Botox specifically targets the DAO muscle. It counteracts the downward tendency of the muscle over time. Botox injections tighten the muscle at low doses and stimulate a more lifted orientation. The DAO muscle is not one of the typical sites for Botox injections. However, DAO injections have become increasingly popular as more providers recognize their unique benefits.

What Are the Benefits of DAO Botox?

You need only look at DAO Botox before and after images to see how this simple treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of the mouth and chin. It can dramatically restore your youthful appearance by providing a subtle, non-surgical lift to the chin and mouth. It can also reduce the appearance of jowls. Here are some of the most impressive benefits this highly-acclaimed aesthetic treatment can offer you:

  • A more pleasing resting expression
  • Non-surgical procedure with no scalpels or scarring
  • A more defined and sculpted chin and jawline
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and dimples in the lower lip and chin area
  • A more cheerful smile
  • Enhanced appearance and more youthful smoothness
  • Boosted self-confidence

When you’re content with your appearance, you’re more likely to express yourself dynamically and confidently. You’re also more likely to come across as pleasant and friendly to others when your mouth isn’t stuck in a perpetual frown.

What Are the Risks of DAO Botox?

Botox is one of the safest aesthetic procedures available. It does, however, cause mild side effects that typically fade within 24 hours of injection. Some of the most common fleeting side effects include:

  • Injection site tenderness
  • Mild swelling
  • Minor post-injection bleeding

In rarer cases, some people may experience bruising a couple of days after their procedure. You can reduce your likelihood of bruising by avoiding blood thinners before your appointment. Ibuprofen, aspirin, and even vitamin E can thin the blood and make it easier for you to bruise. You can also apply a cold compress to the discolored area to constrict swollen blood vessels and minimize bruising. Sleeping with your head elevated can also reduce swelling and bruising.

Due to the location of DAO Botox injections, it’s possible to experience a “frozen smile” or lip asymmetry after treatment. Skilled injectors know how to minimize these risks, but inexperienced injectors may not. Working with a professional provider with advanced Botox training is essential to get the best results from your treatment.

How Long Does DAO Botox Last?


Everyone is different, and some bodies metabolize Botox more quickly than others. However, DAO Botox typically provides noticeable results up to six months after the initial injections. You may be able to experience more lasting results if you receive dermal fillers in conjunction with your Botox injections.

If you love how you look after DAO Botox, you may never want to let your treatments disappear. Fortunately, maintenance injections can help you maintain your improved appearance. Talk with your provider to set up the ideal maintenance schedule for your aesthetic goals.

How Many Units of Botox for DAO?

The number of Botox units required for the DAO area depends on each patient. The severity of each person’s downturned mouth and their unique facial anatomy help determine how many units they need. Most patients receive up to 4 units on each side of their mouth. Some only need two units per side to achieve the results they want. Your provider will work with you to make sure you receive the ideal number of units to meet your treatment expectations.

Where is DAO Botox Injected?

Most people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces. Therefore, injectors need to carefully analyze the facial structure when deciding where to place DAO injections. For most people, the average injection site is at the base and center location of marionette lines. The ideal injection depth is usually around 5 mm deep. It’s very important to go to an injector you trust because incorrect DAO injections can cause a “frozen smile” or make the face look asymmetrical.

What Should I Expect From My DAO Botox Appointment?


When you arrive for your DAO Botox consultation, your provider will learn more about your facial concerns. They will also ask about any previous experiences you may have had with Botox injections and how you reacted to them. They may also ask more detailed questions about your aesthetic goals and what you expect to achieve from your treatment.

Before making any injections, your provider will examine your mouth and chin area. They will examine your mouth both during movement and at rest to make note of any asymmetry you naturally have. Then, they’ll determine how many units of Botox to use and where to inject them.

Your provider will sanitize the injection site to mitigate any risk of infection. They may also apply a numbing cream or ice to the treatment area before your injections. This will help numb the area to ensure your comfort. Then, you’ll receive injections on both sides of your lower face. The injection process should take no longer than five minutes.

How Long Is the Recovery Time After DAO Botox?

The downtime after DAO Botox is minimal. You will, however, need to avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours. Plan to take it easy and engage in relaxing activities the day of your appointment. You’ll also need to avoid wearing makeup, applying facial products, and touching your face for at least four hours. Follow all of your injector’s aftercare instructions precisely for the best healing outcome.

Am I a Good Candidate for DAO Botox?


You may be a good candidate for DAO Botox if you don’t like the downturned appearance of your mouth. You may also benefit from this treatment if your chin looks saggy and dimply due to weak DAO muscles. During your initial consultation and assessment, your provider will let you know whether this treatment will likely deliver positive results.

You may not be a good candidate for any type of Botox if you have ever had an allergic reaction to Botox injections in the past. You should also avoid this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not known whether the chemicals in the neurotoxin can reach the baby through the placenta or the breast milk. It’s best to avoid this treatment so you don’t accidentally harm your developing baby in any way.

How Can I Schedule DAO Botox Injections?

Tired of people asking what’s wrong when you’re perfectly happy? Schedule DAO Botox injections with New Beauty and Wellness. Our expert providers know how to perform these injections with exceptional precision. We’ll help restore your youthful, upturned mouth and smooth your dimpled chin so you can experience the confidence you deserve. Give us a call at 203-720-6673 to schedule your appointment in Westport.

We also have a NEW location open in New Canaan. We currently serve Fairfield, Weston, Easton, New Canaan, and surrounding communities.

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