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Daxxify vs Botox: Which One Is the Best Tox in Town?

For people who want to minimize their wrinkles without surgery, the Daxxify vs. Botox decision is difficult. These toxins are two of the hottest aesthetic treatments on the market, and both are excellent choices. Botox has the advantage of being around the longest, but Daxxify is the intriguing new kid in town. Here’s what to know about each option to determine which to choose for your needs.

Botox vs Daxxify: Differences and Similarities at a Glance

When we line Botox and Daxxify up side by side, they have a lot of similarities and very few differences:

Botox vs Daxxify: Differences and Similarities at a Glance

Though they may have several similarities, Botox and Daxxify are completely different anti-aging injections. Let’s dive into the differences and help better explain how each injection works so you can make the best tox decision.

Who is The New Tox in Town?


So, what is Daxxify? This new toxin contains botulinum toxin A, the same toxin found in Botox and other wrinkle-treating injections. Daxxify is an FDA-approved treatment for reducing the appearance of glabellar lines (also known as frown lines). Some providers also use it off-label to treat wrinkles and lines on other parts of the face or neck. Some examples include crow’s feet and necklines.

Daxxify works similarly to Botox by causing the injected muscles to relax. This prevents the muscles from scrunching tightly together and forming deep creases and wrinkles in the skin, resulting in a smoother, younger-looking complexion. However, unlike Botox, Daxxify uses peptide exchange technology instead of protein to deliver its neurotoxin into the nerves. This is a revolutionary approach that may enhance the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

As with Botox, the effects of Daxxify wear off over time. For this reason, many people choose to receive maintenance injections so they can continue to enjoy the results for the long term.

What Are the Benefits of Daxxify?

When comparing Daxxify vs Botox, it’s essential to understand the benefits of each option. Daxxify has some impressive features that make it an appealing option for many people. Here are a few of them:

  • Reliable reduction in the appearance of facial wrinkles
  • Each treatment may last as long as 6-9 months
  • Delivers faster results than other neuromodulators, with final results sometimes appearing within 48 hours
  • No animal or human byproducts
  • Low risk of serious side effects
  • FDA-approved

With regular use, Daxxify injections could temporarily slow the visible aging process. It’s a promising treatment for anyone who wants to keep their youthful appearance for as long as possible.

What Are the Side Effects of Daxxify?

To help you decide between Daxxify vs Botox treatments, ensure you understand the risks associated with each. Many people choose Daxxify as a safe alternative to Botox. However, every aesthetic treatment carries a degree of risk. Some Daxxify users experience post-treatment bruising, swelling, and headaches.

Eyelid ptosis is also possible if the toxin isn’t administered correctly. This can occur if a provider injects too much toxin into the levator muscle, which lifts the eyelid. If the muscle becomes over-relaxed, it can cause the eyelid to sag or droop over the eye. Let your provider know if you experience this or any other alarming symptoms after Daxxify treatment.

Let’s Talk About the Fan Favorite Tox: Botox


Now we can discuss the true fan favorite, Botox! Many people find it easy to choose between Botox vs Daxxify because they trust the long, safe history of Botox treatments. Therefore, they prefer the well-known Botox over the less familiar Daxxify.

Botox is a neurotoxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Discovered in 1987, this reliable toxin has a long history of use. It is still the most trusted non-surgical wrinkle-reduction treatment on the market. Millions of people have used this formula to treat mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines. Over the years, injection techniques and Botox formulas have changed and improved to deliver even better results.

What Are the Benefits of Botox?

The benefits of Botox vs Daxxify are pretty similar. This isn’t surprising since the two toxins share the same primary function of reducing wrinkle-causing muscle contractions. Despite the shared benefits, a few advantages still set Botox apart. Here are a few of the reasons people continue to choose this tried-and-true treatment for their wrinkle-reduction needs:

  • A well-established safety record
  • Reliable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
  • Each treatment may last as long as 3-4 months
  • Carries a low risk of serious side effects
  • Stable at room temperature
  • FDA-approved

To maintain your results, you’ll need regular Botox injections. Many people receive maintenance injections up to four times per year.

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What Are the Side Effects of Botox?

Botox shares many of the same potential side effects as Daxxify. It isn’t unusual for patients to experience temporary swelling, bruising, and muscle weakness at the injection sites. Rarely, eyelid ptosis may occur if the muscles receive too much toxin. You can reduce your risk of experiencing unwanted side effects by ensuring you receive treatment from a skilled injector.

Botox vs. Daxxify Procedures


Daxxify and Botox procedures are very similar. With both treatments, you’ll need to schedule a consultation before treatment. This consultation may occur separately or during the same appointment as your scheduled treatment. Your injector should take the time to learn more about your treatment goals, medical history, and concerns during the consultation.

Before signing treatment consent forms, ensure your provider covers all treatment risks and benefits. They should take this opportunity to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure and have realistic treatment expectations. They should also help you choose between Daxxify vs Botox based on your treatment goals and preferences. When you’re ready, your provider will take photos of your face. They may ask you to alternate between making faces and resting your expression. This is to help them develop the most precise treatment plan for your needs.

Next, your injector will cleanse the injection site thoroughly, reducing the risk of infection. Finally, you’ll receive the ideal number of neurotoxin injections for your specific needs. Some people describe the injections as a mild pinching sensation.

After treatment, it’s normal to experience small red bumps where the needle enters your skin. These should fade within a couple of hours. To facilitate your body’s healing process, avoid excessive heat for a few hours after treatment. This means staying out of the sun and avoiding saunas. You should also avoid vitamin E, aspirin, alcohol, and other anticoagulants to prevent bruising.

How Much Is Daxxify vs Botox?

A single unit of Botox costs between $10 and $15 on average. On the other hand, a single unit of Daxxify costs between $15 to $25 per unit on average. Therefore, if you want to save money on your treatments, Botox is the less expensive option.

The total amount you’ll pay for neurotoxin injections depends on how many units you receive. This may vary depending on the treatment area and your specific aesthetic goals. For example, the average person receives 40 units of neurotoxin for forehead lines and 20 units for frown lines. Your provider should give you a price estimate during your consultation. You may wish to ask for cost estimates of Daxxify vs Botox treatments so you can make the most informed decision.

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