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Peel the Love Season!

Peel season is our favorite time of year for giving the skin a reboot. Winter is the optimal time for a series of peels since we are seeing so much less of the sun. There is also less moisture in the air, making your skin drier. Since chemical peels are designed to remove dry and damaged skin, winter is the perfect time to unearth a smoother, more hydrated you! While we are in our peak peel season, here is the skinny on peels and our most frequently asked questions.

What does a peel do?

Chemical peels exfoliate and resurface the top layers of skin by dissolving dead skin cells. They vary in strength and formulation and varying degrees of downtime. Many of our Environ peels not only exfoliate but also stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase collagen. Peels are an excellent choice for evening skin texture and tone, reducing acne scars and sun damage, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles and a reducing current and future breakouts.

What are my choices?

We incorporate a peel within the program of every one of our facials. Every peel choice is dependent on what the skin is presenting at the time of your facial. For our more sensitive or newbie clients we use peeling formulations that are lower in percentage and ph. This allows an effective peeling treatment that is very gentle on the skin and preserves as much of the epidermis as possible. For our clients experienced with peels we move up in strength and stronger formulations. Peels are comprised of a host of different acids such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic, mandelic, and TCA. We mix and match based on the
client’s needs.

What are these acids?

Glycolic– derived from sugar cane and is a part of a group of acids called AHA’s. (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Excellent for fine lines and wrinkles.

Lactic– another AHA.Excellent for sun damage, discoloration and is the most hydrating of all the acids. Good for drier skin.

Salicylic– derived from Willow Bark and winter green leaves and is a BHA(Beta Hydroxy Acid) It is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. This is an excellent choice for acne prone skin.

Mandelic– AHA derived from acetic acid. This is another anti-bacterial agent which makes it a powerful acne fighting acid.

TCA– This is a monocarboxylic acid. TCA is used for a variety of issues and when blended in a cream (as some of ours are) can be very gentle and healing for skin types with sensitivity and rosacea. Other times it is used as one of our most powerful peeling agents.

Cosmelan– a multi-ingredient peel designed for stubborn pigment and melasma. This treatment is sent out to be compounded with high levels of Hydraquinone and you can expect up to two weeks of downtime and a few months of home care.

How long will I peel for?

Different peels deliver different results. Some of our peels are designed specifically to NOT peel while others have varying degrees of peeling. The healthier the skin we often find peel less. There is simply less to shed. Zero peeling to flakiness to mild peeling are all within the normal range. Peels like Cosmelan are a category all their own and you certainly will need to allow for downtime.

How often can I get a chemical peel?

Peels can be repeated more often than you probably think — every 2 weeks for gentle peels, every 4 weeks for lighter TCA or blended peels and annually for something deeper like Cosmelan or deeper retinol peels. By getting a peel during these cooler months, your skin is much more protected during the healing stages. We are all about optimal skin health and giving your skin the opportunity to maintain it’s gorgeousness

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The benefits stated above are just a few of the great properties that facial peels can offer to clients. The team at our state-of-the-art luxury spa is prepared to customize every treatment to give you the best results. Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 203-883-5112 or fill out the online form below.


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