Laser Hair & Vein Removal


Laser hair & vein removal is a quick and non invasive procedure to remove unwanted hair and to diminish the appearance of veins.

Laser hair removal is the most popular form of permanent hair reduction on the marketplace. Last year, over a million people chose laser hair reduction over painful, tedious, and short-term solutions like waxing, shaving, or tweezing hair. Both men and women use laser hair removal to permanently reduce undesirable body hair from all parts of the body, including sensitive areas like around the nipples, bikini area, and upper lip.¹ In addition, Laser hair removal is cleared by the FDA for most skin types, and its quick, tolerable treatments require no downtime, ensuring your laser hair removal treatments provide a safe, effective, and convenient path to clear and smooth skin.

Laser vein removal uses pulses of light to selectively target the blue, purple, and red vessels that comprise various vascular blemishes. After treatment, the targeted vessels naturally disappear without any surgical assistance. The advanced laser technology is available for a range of treatments, from tiny spider veins, to more noticeable veins that often appear on the face or legs, and for rosacea.

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