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The Photofacial is a popular, FDA-approved procedure that renews and revitalizes patients’ skin with the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy. Often called photo-rejuvenation, this non-surgical treatment reduces signs of age, improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation and corrects vascular issues. The treatments are pain-free and require little to no downtime, making this procedure perfect for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin’s appearance non-invasively.

Rejuvenate haggard, blemished skin and reveal the smooth, bright complexion beneath by contacting New Beauty & Wellness. As a leading skincare and Photofacial spa in Westport, CT, we offer the most advanced IPL system and a team of knowledgeable and friendly specialists. Contact us online or call 203-883-5112 today.

Benefits of a Photofacial from New Beauty & Wellness

  • Diminish rosacea and redness
  • Reduce freckles, age spots, and other types of damage from the sun
  • Improve vascular imperfections
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stimulate increased production of elastin and collagen
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Shrink pores and help acne
  • Immediate radiant results
  • FDA-approved and clinically proven
  • No surgery, no pain, no downtime!
  • Treatments using advanced Cutera LimeLight laser

Before and After* IPL Photofacial*

IPL Photofacial before and after images show how dramatic the results of IPL treatments can be for the correction of redness, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, and an overall revival of the complexion’s appearance. Individual patient experiences can vary but the following before and after Photofacial images show actual patients displaying actual results after receiving treatment from a reputable provider.*

How Do IPL Photofacials Work?

Photofacials utilize the energy of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which is also referred to as BroadBand Light (BBL) to help renew and repair skin. During the procedure, the laser technician aims the IPL at the desired area for treatment. The pulsing light safely penetrates the epidermis with thermal energy, heating the deeper layers of the skin. This triggers various natural restorative processes in the body. There are several ways IPL Photofacials revitalize skin:

Collagen Production

The thermal energy that heats the deeper layers of the skin triggers increased collagen production. Collagen is an imperative structural protein for our skin. It helps maintain a firm, tight, line-free complexion. The increased collagen revitalizes the patient’s complexion, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.¹

Reversing Brown Spots (Hyperpigmentation)

IPL Photofacials are also able to focus the thermal energy on melanin that has collected and caused hyperpigmentation. Such issues include melasma, freckles, and brown spots. During a Photofacial, the darker pigment in the melanin absorbs the IPL’s energy. This heats the melanin to the point of fracturing into smaller bits. The fractured melanin is then absorbed into the body, gradually fading in appearance over time.¹

Reducing Redness (Vascular Lesions)

During a Photofacial, the IPL can also target irregular or damaged blood vessels under the epidermis. Vascular lesions result in unsightly redness like rosacea, face veins, port wine stains. During the procedure, the hemoglobin in blood absorbs the IPL. This increases the blood vessel’s temperature, causing the vessel to clot. Clotting disrupts the vascular lesions supply of blood, resulting in the vessel being destroyed and replaced by newer, healthier tissue.²

Treating Active Acne

Scientific research shows that Photofacials can treat acne in two distinct ways:

  • The IPL’s thermal energy constricts the supply of blood in the sebaceous glands, diminishing the overproduction of sebum (skin oils that can cause breakouts)
  • The same light energy destroys bacteria accumulated on the epidermis that can cause acne and breakouts.³

Other Conditions IPL Photofacials Can Treat

With the use of breakthrough IPL thermal energy, Photofacials are clinically proven to treat a wide range of blemishes and skin conditions such as:

  • Flushing, redness, and rosacea
  • Dilated or “broken” blood vessels
  • Uneven complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma
  • Sun damage such as brown spots or freckles
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Active acne

How Much Does an IPL Photofacial Cost?

IPL Photofacial prices vary depending on what area is being treated and the individual patient’s specific treatment plan. At your free consultation with our skilled laser technician at New Beauty & Wellness, we will breakdown IPL Photofacial costs with you. If photo-rejuvenation is a good fit for you, the specialist will assist in creating a treatment schedule customized to your skincare desires and your budget.

Results of IPL Photofacial

Many Photofacial patients start to see visible results after only a single treatment! ¹ Most patients, however, need 3-5 treatments, with a month in between each session, to reach their desired skincare goal. As with all cosmetic procedures, individual results can vary. The total number of sessions required is dependent on the skin issue being treated and the patient’s own specific needs.*

Regarding long-term results, again individual results vary. However, some patients have shown lasting results for many years following treatment.* This is also dependent on area and specific condition that is treated.

A Customized Treatment Schedule for the Best Photofacial Results

A personalized treatment plan will be the best way to get excellent Photofacial results. Customized light wavelengths can be tweaked to treat specific scarring and acne, vascular lesions and pigment issues, letting more than one condition be treated in a single pass of the applicator, decreasing overall treatment time.

The LimeLight from Cutera offers non-surgical IPL treatment that can be customized for addressing different skin colors and aging issues, resulting in amazing skin renewal with minimal pain.

Side Effects of IPL Photofacial

The IPL Photofacial is FDA-approved as a non-surgical skincare treatment clinically proven effective and safe. Side effects of IPL Photofacials are not common and the procedure generally results in no downtime. However, patients can experience minor redness or swelling of the treatment area. This generally fades away within a few hours post-treatment.* Patients are permitted to use makeup immediately following the Photofacial. Veins may appear slightly redder for 2-3 days post-treatment and freckles and age spots may be a bit darker for about 7 days post-treatment.

At your free medical consultation, the laser specialist at New Beauty & Wellness will go over potential Photofacial risks and answer all questions you have.*

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