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SculpSure Laser Body Contouring

SculpSure in Westport, CT | Laser Body Contouring

SculpSure is the popular, new body contouring treatment that uses advanced laser technology to safely reduce stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. It is the first laser treatment cleared by the FDA for non-invasive lipolysis (the breakdown and removal of fat) from the abdomen (belly fat,) flanks (love handles,) thigh fat, back fat, and submental region (double chins and neck fat.) Treatments take as little as 25 minutes, are painless, and require no downtime, allowing patients to return to their normal activities immediately after the SculpSure session. Best of all, reduction in fat is dramatic, natural looking and long lasting. ¹

If you are a healthy man or woman who struggles with stubborn bulges that resist diet and exercise, but want a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, SculpSure may be right for you. Find out by scheduling a complimentary consultation our certified Physician’s Assistant from New Beauty and Wellness. Conveniently located in Westport, New Beauty and Wellness is the premier SculpSure CT provider and is proud to serve the communities of Fairfield, Weston, Easton and New Canaan. Melt away stubborn fat and achieve a more sculpted, slimmer physique by calling New Beauty and Wellness at 203-720-6689 today or sign up for a complimentary consultation online.

Benefits of SculpSure

  • Reduce stubborn fat

  • Melt away fat that resists diet & exercise

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical

  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven

  • Painless and no downtime

  • Safe on all skin types

  • Treatments take only 25 minutes

  • Natural looking fat reduction

  • Long term results

SculpSure Before and After*

SculpSure before and after pictures demonstrate how well this treatment can reduce stubborn fat and transform the overall appearance of your physique. As with any medical treatment, results may vary, however the men and women depicted in these SculpSure before and after pictures are actual patients experiencing real results.*


Understanding the SculpSure Treatment

SculpSure reduces stubborn fat and unwanted bulges using advanced Hyperthermic laser technology. SculpSure’s 1060nm wavelength laser is specifically calibrated to safely pass through the skin to penetrate underlying adipocytes (fat cells.) The fat cells then absorb the lasers thermal energy. The heat from the laser causes irreversible damage to the structural integrity of the adipocytes, which triggers apoptosis (cell death and removal.) Over the span of several weeks, the lymphatic system collects the damaged fat cells and processes them out of the body in the form of waste.   Once the fat cells are excreted from the body, they cannot grow back, leading to long-term reduction in visible fat.¹

SculpSure Treatment Areas

SculpSure is FDA cleared to reduce fat from the body’s most notorious problem spots. Treatment areas include:

  • The abdomen (belly fat)

  • The flanks (love handles)

  • Back fat

  • Thigh fat (Inner thighs and outer thighs)

  • Submental fullness (double chin)

The Difference Between Sculp Sure and CoolSculpting

Sculp Sure and CoolSculpting are both non-invasive fat reduction treatments and both are popular non-surgical alternatives to liposuction. Both treatments destroy fat cells, but their mechanism for triggering lipolysis is different.

CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells using controlled cooling. It essentially freezes away fat. Sculp Sure eliminates fat cells using patented laser technology. It essentially melts away fat. While both fat reduction treatments are FDA cleared and scientifically proven as safe and effective, discerning patients choose Sculp Sure over CoolSculpting for several reasons.

More Affordable: Sculp Sure Cost is typically more affordable than CoolSculpting cost.

Treats multiple areas at one time: CoolSculpting can only treat one area at a time. In contrast, Sculp Sure can treat 4 areas during a single treatment.

Faster Treatments: Sculp Sure treatments take as little as 25 minutes, significantly faster than CoolSculpting treatments.

Less Pain and Side Effects: Unlike CoolSculpting, Sculp Sure utilizes flat applicators that do not require suction. This helps eliminate the pain associated with a CoolSculpting treatment and reduces the risk of bruising and other CoolSculpting side effects.

No Downtime: Because Sculp Sure’s applicators do not require suction, the treatment is non-invasive lipolysis and patients can return to their normal activities, including exercise, immediately following treatment.

SculpSure Reviews in Clinical Data

Besides raving SculpSure reviews from patients and impressive SculpSure before and after pictures, the safety and efficacy of this revolutionary fat reduction treatment has been validated by numerous scientific studies and clinical data.

One study published in the journal of Lasers in Science and Medicine found that on average, SculpSure resulted in a 24% reduction of fat and “the treatment had an excellent safety profile and was well tolerated.”¹ Another SculpSure review published in the journal of Dermatological Surgery reported that the treatment received an impressively high 96% patient satisfaction rate.²

In addition, a SculpSure review published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found, “Appreciable results are achieved after a single treatment, and these results are comparable to other non-invasive technologies.” Furthermore, “the 25-minute procedure is well tolerated among patients, with no downtime required.”³

SculpSure in Westport, CT

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat deposits in areas like the chin, thighs, lower stomach or love handles, SculpSure can help. Contour a beautiful physique with the top SculpSure provider in Westport CT. Call 203-720-6689 today or sign up online to schedule a complimentary consultation with our certified Physician’s Assistant at New Beauty and Wellness.

SculpSure FAQ’s

How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

Compared to Liposuction and other Non-Invasive fat reduction treatments, such as CoolSculpting, SculpSure is an affordable solution for eliminating stubborn fat. However, the exact cost of SculpSure varies per patient, depending on the treatment area and the number of treatments required to achieve the desired aesthetic. During your complimentary consultation with New Beauty and Wellness, SculpSure prices will be discussed in detail. If this procedure is right for you, we will help customize a treatment plan that meets your needs and matches your budget.

As the premier SculpSure Westport provider, New Beauty and Wellness is committed to providing unparalleled results at some of the most competitive SculpSure prices in CT. Call 203-883-5112  to learn about current specials and more ways to save on SculpSure cost.

Does SculpSure hurt?

SculpSure does not hurt. During the SculpSure treatment, cooling panels ensure a tolerable, painless experience. Patients describe feeling a warm sensation during the treatment. While not common, some patients may experience mild tenderness in the treatment area following the SculpSure procedure. However, this side effect is mild and dissipates quickly.

Is SculpSure right for me?

SculpSure is an excellent laser treatment for anyone struggling with resistant fat. After a thorough consultation with New Beauty & Wellness, patients receive a treatment plan that achieves optimal fat reduction and body contouring results. The best results come from combining SculpSure with a good diet and regular exercise.

How big is each treatment area?

As an estimate, each treatment area is about the size of four smartphones. But, of course, every patient’s body is different. This means sizing is different for each person based on the handpieces used during treatment.

How many SculpSure treatments will I need?*

On average, most SculpSure patients need 2 to 3 treatments. These treatments are spread 4 to 6 weeks apart. This could vary depending on the patient and the amount of fat in the treatment area.*

When will I see results from SculpSure?

Some people see benefits as soon as 2 weeks after the procedure. However, it can take 12 weeks after the last treatment to see the full manifestation of body contouring and fat reduction results.

Does SculpSure help me lose weight?

Although 24% of fat cells are reduced in the treatment area, it does not result in weight loss—SculpSure results in more of a naturally fat loss than pounds lost.


**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however, individual results may vary.

*25% OFF Sculpsure is applicable to new clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Exclusions apply.

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