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Botox | The #1 Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatment

Botox has long been the #1 cosmetic treatment in the world. Millions of men and women are turning to Botox for smile lines, frown lines, crows feet, and other creases naturally forming through our endless facial expressions. Botox is also FDA cleared and clinically proven to be safe and effective. This popular treatment helps reduce and prevent signs of aging with no invasive operations. The popular cosmetic treatment helps you regain youthfulness in your face.

Read on to learn more about Botox.

Botox For Smile Lines | How It Works

Botox for smile lines is particularly popular, not because smiling is a memory to be erased. It is due to the wrinkles occurring from smiling that can age our future smiles. Our appearance is aged dramatically by a life’s worth of facial expressions. These typically accumulate around the mouth, eyes, brows, and forehead.

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Wrinkles, also known as expression lines, are formed through years of repetitive muscle contractions. Smiling, laughing, frowning, and other facial expressions will cause underlying muscles to contract. These actions also cause them to relax- effectively pulling, folding, and releasing the overlying skin. As we naturally age, the structural proteins that allow our skin to spring back into place, elastin and collagen, start to break down.

The repetitive muscle contractions will take their toll more dramatically and can leave a permanent crease (expression line or dynamic wrinkle). Botox temporarily relaxes the underlying muscles of these creases thus smoothing and softening wrinkles.

When To Start Botox Treatments

Botox treatment for smile lines, crow’s feet, and other facial expressions is widely known as a reactionary treatment to temporarily soothe wrinkles for adults aged 40 and up. Recently, however, physicians across the nation are reporting a surge of younger people seeking Botox injections. Preventative Botox is the #1 cosmetic treatment among men and women in their 20’s and 30’s. These young adults are taking a proactive approach to their skincare by preventing the signs of aging before they even start.

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This popularity of Botox in younger adults helps prove research demonstrating how Botox can prevent the onset of dynamic wrinkles. Especially through early targeting of expression muscles early in adulthood before permanent creases occur from repetitive contractions.

Botox Near Me

Whether you are seeking Botox for smile lines, or for any other part of your face, finding a competent Botox provider is a critical part of the success of your treatment and experience. Find out what Botox can do for you today by contacting New Beauty and Wellness.

They are a premier provider of Botox in Westport, Connecticut. New Beauty and Wellness is committed to listening to the unique circumstances of individuals. This way, they can provide an exceptional experience and treatment. If you are in the Fairfield, Weston, Easton, or New Canaan areas you don’t have to look any further than New Beauty and Wellness for top cosmetic treatment.

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